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rni registration
rni registration
rni registration

RNI Registration

The Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India, Issues Certificate of Registration to the newspapers published under valid declaration.

If you are willing to start a newspaper or magazine company in India, then you need RNI Registration. Basically, this is a statutory body of Government of India. This body came into existence in the year 1956 and since then it looks after registering newspapers and magazines in India. As per the rules, in India no newspaper magazine or periodical can have a title similar to any other newspaper, magazine or periodical. The growing pace of publishing industry makes it necessary for the owners of the company to have legally approved system in place. All the publications whether in the form of books, magazines, periodicals are regulated by Books Registration Act, 1867. Thus it becomes mandatory for the publishing houses to get themselves registered. Empressalegal can help you with the registration process and get approval from RNI. If you wish to know more about RNI registration, you can connect with us today.

Process of Registration

The procedure for obtaining RNI Registration can be divided into two steps:

  1. Verification of Title

  2. Registration of Title

I. Verification of Title

Application for the title verification shall be forwarded through authority concerned (DM/DC/SDM/DCP/JCP/CMM etc.) to RNI office.

  1. The application for verification of title must have the following Information:
    • Upto 5 title options (Along with English meaning of titles as far as possible for languages other than English and Hindi),
    • Language of publication
    • Periodicity of publication
    • Owner’s name
    • Place of publication, and
    • Address/contact number/E-mail address of applicant
  2. Recent Passport Size Photograph of The Applicant
  3. Complete Address of Place of publication
  4. Mobile No and email id
  5. Self attested copy of Pan Card/Voters Identity Card/Aadhar Card/Passport as Photo I.D. Proof of applicant
  6. Language in which proposed publication is to be printed i.e, single language or multi language
  7. Periodicity of proposed publication i.e., daily, forth nightly , daily evening weekly, monthly, half yearly, annually etc.

Following word are not to be used for title option:

  1. Book
  2. Channel
  3. Gazette
  4. Abbreviations of words
  5. Names of Prominent National Leaders
  6. Heads of the Government functionary
  7. Name same or similar to any national emblem
  8. Words sounding absurd or meaningless
  9. Religious overtones

II. Registration of Title

There are three steps for Registration of Title:

Step 1:

Authentication Declaration:

Verification letter from RNI should be presented to forwarding authority concerned (DM/DC/SDM/DCP/JCP/CMM etc.) along with properly filled declaration.

Step 2:

Publication Of Volume/Year-1 Issue-1:

  1. If periodicity is daily or weekly, publication of volume should be brought within 42 days of authentication of declaration. If periodicity is fortnightly or above, publication of volume should be brought out within 90 days of authentication of declaration.
  2. The publication should only be printed in the press that is mentioned in the declaration and should primarily contain news/views/articles etc.
  3. The title, page number, and date/month/year of publication should be displayed at each page
Step 3:

Submission Of Documents To RNI For Registration:

Following documents should be submitted to RNI office along with application for Registration Certificate, completely filled and signed by publisher for obtaining registration number and registration certificate:

  1. Copy of the Title Verification Letter
  2. Declaration duly authenticated by authority concerned i.e, (DM/DC/SDM/DCP/JCP/CMM etc.).
  3. If the printer and publisher of a newspaper making a declaration is not owner thereof, an authorization letter in favour of the applicant from the owner of printer and publisher authorizing the applicant as publisher and printer shall be required.
  4. An Affidavit duly signed by Publisher and Notarized is required, in case there is no foreign tie-up.
  5. Copy of first issue of the newspaper published.
  6. Signed copy of Printer agreement either Original or attested along with attested copy of printing press. The documents shall be signed by both publisher/owner and keeper/owner of printing press. It can be either on stamp paper or on plain paper.

Timeline For RNI Registration

Once we receive the complete documents/information, we prepare and apply for verification of title and after that for Registration of Title. The total process takes around 3-4 months for getting registration number and registration certificate

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